Musique - Switchfoot - Avis de tout les albums

Publié le 4 Juillet 2012

Voici mon avis sur les albums de Switchfoot :



The Legend Of Chin : Home, You, Don't Be There


New Way To Be Human : Sooner or Later's , Let That Be Enough, Only Hope


Learning to Breathe : Dare You To Move, The Economy of Mercy,


The Beautiful Letdown : Meant to Live, This Is Your Life, Dare You To Move, Gone, On Fire, Twenty Four ( cet album fera l'avis d'une critique plus complete)


Oh! Gravity : American Dream,  Awakening, Head Over Heels, Yesterdays, Let Your Love Be Strong,


Hello Hurricane : Your Love is a Song, Enough To Let Me Go, Free, Alawys, Bullet Soul, Yet, Sing It Out (cet album fera l'avis d'une critique plus complete)


Vice Verses : Afterlife, Restless, Blinding Light, Vice Verses,  Where I Belong

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