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Publié le 1 Janvier 2013

Voici mon avis sur le roman Ashton & Justice :




Résumé (source Amazon) :


When his domineering brother drags him to a college party, Justice expects only to have yet another boring night out. So he’s both shocked and intrigued when he catches the eye of a cute, mysterious stranger named Ashton. Just as the men introduce themselves, Justice's brother intervenes and drags them apart. It's then that Justice learns the awful truth--Ashton's father is a notorious criminal, and Justice's own father is the District Attorney who has made it a personal goal to take down Ashton's family.

While Ashton may have grown up around criminals, he's nothing like them. Hardworking and compassionate, he's done everything he can to prove he's a good person. When he meets Justice, Ashton is instantly drawn to the soft-spoken man. Then Ashton realizes how Justice has a horrible home life and becomes determined to protect the other man, no matter the cost.

As the two men grow closer, they face hostilities from their own families. Will Justice and Ashton be able to find happiness together, or is their love destined to end in tragedy?


Avis :


J'ai egalement lue le roman tout a fait par hasard :)


La couverture est assez trompeuse avec la photo, mais il s'agit d'une roman avec de la romance gay.

Mais j'avoue que j'ai bien aimé lire le roman.


Je m'attendais pas a certains passages qui restent assez dur car ce n'est pas le roman tout gentil tout plein, car y'a quand meme quelques passages ou ca se frappe (par rapport qu'il est gay), et il y a quand meme beaucoup la mention d'abus...


Mais la romance qu'il y a encore Ashton & Justice reste quand meme bien :)


Un roman que je vous conseille quand meme de lire

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