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Publié le 22 Novembre 2012

Voici mon avis sur le roman As Advertised :




Résumé (source GoodReads) :


Tyler should know; as an ad executive, the packaging is what sells. And Jake is quite a package. So what if neither long-time friend Marty nor his landlady think much of Jake. Tyler is determined not to see the dark side of his lover, but when the truth becomes undeniable, not even an evening soaked in martinis will let him hide from it.

Weathering Jake's lies and secrets gets easier under the sheltering support of new friends, Libby and Steven. In fact, Tyler figures a lot of things might get easier with gorgeous, attentive Steven around.

Tyler should have known better. Again. Not even someone as seemingly perfect as Steven Jessop comes completely as advertised. This time, though, Tyler has to make a decision. After all, even if what you see is not what you get, Steven's imperfections might just be what he's always wanted, if only he can sell Steven on giving love another chance.


Avis :


Voici un roman que j'ai decouvert totalement par hasard en cherchant des ebook.

Et je suis tombé sur ce roman, c'est un roman (romance MM - Romance avec deux hommes).


L'histoire est assez prenante je l'ai lue en 1 jour ou je voulais savoir ce qui allait se passé,

Les personnages sont attachant dont surtout le personnage Tyler car je voulais savoir ce qui allait lui arrivé et si il allait avoir le bonheur.


Un roman que je vous conseille de lire :)

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